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Background of Trading the markets as a hobby for 20 years. A Financial and Business Banking career got me interested.Made mistakes of course and blown many an account, mostly paper money and also some small real money accountsTried and bought numerous trading systems but always felt short-changed and thought that I knew best. Never had or had any inclination to have a trading mentorOn turning 55, taking early retirement and a monetary lump sum in May this year I decided to look to create a real additional regular income from trading the marketsChose to take on the Tesseract Platinum package as I had used it before on two occasions and found some degree of success with it.I liked the way John’s confidence in his product came across. Always backed up with real performance stats and an honest dialogueSomething about the way Tesseract worked felt different and gave me a positive energy in now using it to my own trading advantageUsing Tesseract’s constantly updated by the minute Slack and Zoom applications as tools to enhance my trading abilities.This time I was trading real money and so made sure that I fully understood the Tesseract model and the way the whole strategy was delivered and being played out. This was essential.I Only Trade Dax and SPX as they have proven to be my two most successful and profitable markets over time. Tesseract itself covers most of the popular markets. Two is enough for me at this stage.I trade Dax in the morning and SPX in the afternoon. Never looking at overtrading the two if at all possible, unless higher targets are still being pursuedKeeping it simple and perfecting my entry and exit points in accordance with Johns clearly labelled pre-market charts on Slack and Zoom has become very natural to meI use all this information to ensure I mark up and update my own charts before I take a tradeAlso, Johns running written commentary before and during the daily market open makes it feel like you are trading with and alongside a professional. Trading alone can be very negative I have found.I have implemented a system on the back of the Tesseract Strategy and have become a very confident and profitable trader over the past 4 months.I am consistently achieving my daily and weekly profit targets and importantly enjoying my trading lifestyle.The monthly platform fee I can now earn and cover in a single trade. I nearly forgot to mention this as it has become quite irrelevant to me......Tesseract is a great discovery...!


This is my 3 rd year with Tesseract and i have found the daily levels,hourly updates/insights and real time zoom charts all invaluable aids in my daily trading decision making.John is available 18 hours a day and must be one of the hardest working model guys out there!!


Since 3 month, I've subscribed to Tesseract to help myself with trading. The operation is very easy, everyday you can keep a live track of the areas with ZOOM. Every evening you have a review of your day with the evolution of the areas. Every morning, you have a prediction of the current day. Every area has a strong potential and the earnings are high even if you respect a strict money management. I don't regret my purchase because it's pretty impressive. I can only advise you to try it, you just have to see the results from John's publications. Thanks to him.


I have been trading for over a year using Tesseract. This service allows me to see volatility pressure points that form resistance and support. I remain amazed every time the SPX bounces off a support or resistance line as predicted. Intraday and weekly bias helps me understand the market’s direction to position myself for winning trades. Trading is about finding favorable odds and Tesseract is my North Star.


Tesseract is absolutely a great value addition in trading. With the full dedication of John, Tesseract provides entry zones for both short and long positions supported by fractals and model targets. Absolutely, great service and great roadmap for your success. You just need to manage your risk properly. Definitely recommended.


Clear and transparent high probability levels and zones complimented with high level commentary. For those who prefer a mechanical approach or incorporating within ones own trading, this service will deliver


Tesseract is a great service! You get a roadmap based on fractals and daily entry zones to enter with pre defined stop loss leveles on real time zoom charts. + tonnes of analysis of forex pairs and commodities. Easy to follow for everyone! Absolutly recommended!


Been almost 4 years with John, the service developed massively from Viber group into a proper trading service at Slack and Zoom. However the performance been spot on from day 1 with improvements in both entry levels and stop levels, it covers main trading indices and fx pairs and with main focus on Spx / nasdaq and Dax where we see live zoom chart with exact entry levels. Obviously if you follow these levels carefully and have a professional attitude you end up always making money with a +ve hit ratio, something worth mentioning during the March drop John had target exceeding ATH "was hit" where many were very bearish.


I've been a member for more than 4 months now. I use John's levels to typically initiate swing trades over 1-3 days as those type of trades tend to pay out in spades. These levels have been very helpful to me in identifying potential turning points and to prepare to enter a new trade. John is also incredibly available and patient in explaining the system to any member. The room has a good mix of experienced and new traders and adds an element of camaraderie to the otherwise lonely profession of home-based traders.