Dashboard ยป Performances

Performance #trades channel


In February model managed to provide an excessive amount of trades because of the volatility manifested in SPX market and reached a performance of 16.5%. In March, April and May model tried to build a core position for a bigger move and succeeded. Some of the gains were crystallized in June increasing the performance comparing to the previous months to 10.10%. July was also a very good month. The winning streak was interrupted in August, September and October and resumed again in November. The total performance since the beginning of the service (one year) is 59.45%

Performance #entryzones channel


In this turbulent period we have introduced #entryzonesaction channel in Tesseract where constantly updated entry zones are given during US and European sessions. The performance of this channel since the introduction (24 trading days) is an astonishing 100.24% with 1% risk per trade (keeping the risk with respect to the initial capital-gain would have been much higher if 1% was with respect to the current account balance as the account was increasing). All operations are performed in well-defined entry zones with a well-defined risk and action plan. The gain with respect to time is given in the image: